The CareerXroads Colloquium is a community of peers who are passionate about recruiting. This community is compelled to improve, knowledgeable about their function, and willing to share competitive practices to help raise the craft of hiring to the level of profession. In short, we want to surround ourselves with capable, enthusiastic leaders.

Why join the CXR Colloquium?

Establish strong connections 
Colloquium members share and network during our small group, focused colloquium gatherings. The format encourages open discussion and a high level of involvement. Members directly engage each other about what keeps them up at night, review current practices, strategies, tools and challenges and leave with actionable ideas. No vendors, consultants, 3rd party agencies or suppliers are ever in attendance. You will will leave with ideas to implement, new friends, and invaluable contacts.

Benchmark practices with quick, custom surveys
Members are always looking for data to support a purchase decision, benchmark a specific process, or to satisfy curiosity about how issues are being handled in other organizations. Results are typically turned around in a month and available in our Members Only Library.

We also poll attendees at meetings for instant feedback and those results are available to members after the meetings.

Stay on top of current recruiting topics
CareerXroads regularly hosts webinars for members to dig deeper into recent surveys and share experiences that can make a difference in developing and improving current practices. A few times a year we also hand-select a small group of high-tech start-ups and then gather a group of Colloquium members to listen to their pitch and share their reactions and input.

Recordings and reports from these virtual learning sessions are made available to all members.

Our commitment to our members

Chris and Gerry constantly study the recruiting landscape. It is a labor of love – never a job. We enjoy being challenged about something we don’t know. We’ll track it down. We’ll introduce you to the best people we can find. Colloquium members can get our advice via email, phone call, text message, at Colloquium sessions or an occasional after-hours session at many HR conferences. As networked as we are, what we don’t know we can always learn from experts and help you connect to them.

Being a member of CareerXroads has given me access to smart and talented people in roles similar to mine at global organizations.

It’s invaluable knowledge and fantastic networking!

~Beth Mullins, EY

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