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Why People Really Quit Their Jobs

4 weeks ago

Retention has always been attached to the hip of Talent Acquisition… but loosely. I’ve always looked askance at recycled insights about retention that typically say nothing new but, this time I was pleasantly surprised at the solid learning, evidence-based approach and the possibility of something new that TA could actually use from the Harvard Business […]

Branding & Marketing

Building Your Employment Brand Foundation

4 weeks ago

Employment branding can feel like such a new field. The people tasked with branding in talent acquisition often have to explain themselves and their value to others in their company. They might feel a bit like pioneers trying to forge their way through new initiatives and projects. Yet, the tactics and strategies used in employment […]


PostScript: Proactively Hiring People With Disabilities

1 month ago

We recently published a headline about the experience of a young technical graduate from Rochester Institute of Technology in getting a job. He happened to be deaf. The story in Creating Not Predicting the Future, illustrates that success in overcoming unique challenges faced by people with disabilities are more often than not unrelated to technology, […]


CareerXroads HR Delegation from Japan – Published Webinar

1 month ago

It was our pleasure to host the recent webinar and podcast for the Nanda Journey’s November 2017 HR Delegation to Japan. This trip was focused on learning how culture influences talent acquisition and employment in Japan. The webinar is now available to both CareerXroads members and non-members alike and can be viewed within this headline posting […]