CXR Research

At CareerXroads we’re constantly working to research and benchmark talent acquisition data that’s relative to what our colloquium member companies are talking about.  Some of this research is sparked because our members specifically ask for real-time responses to help with strategic deliveries within their organizations.  Other content might be pulled together because of what we’re witnessing take place within recruiting organizations or vendors around the world.

Open Surveys

  • What kind of operational support does your TA team have? Help us build a clear picture of this role. 
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  • Technical Recruiter Capacity 
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Recently Closed Surveys

  • How do you manage the salary history question?
  • Diversity initiatives & expectations
  • Candidate Selection Process
  • Recruiter Capacity: what’s standard?
  • How far along is your Sourcing Center of Excellence?
  • What is your campus recruiting model?

Available Benchmark/Reporting Data

CareerXroads Diversity Expectations
CareerXroads Center of Excellence Report
CareerXroads Recruiter Capacity Report
CareerXroads’ Sourcing Investments Report
Candidate Impersonation
Determining Employee Referrals
CareerXroads Talent Acquisition Org Structures
CareerXroads Campus Recruiting Models
CareerXroads Alumni Programs
Hourly Jobs In ATS
CareerXroads ATS Satisfaction
CareerXroads Pre-Employment Drug Screening
CareerXroads Video Interviewing
Immigration Hiring Practices
Internal Mobility
Career Site Redesign
Employee Networks
Rethinking Recruiting Structure
Employee Referral Programs
Candidate Digital Competencies
Retained Search Agreement
Sales Recruiting
Leadership Assessments
Global Candidate Mobility
Facebook Recruiting
Technology Survey
Candidate Abandonment