CXR Recommends: Steal Like An Artist – Lars Schmidt

Steal Like An ArtistSteal Like An Artist, written by Austin Kleon, is the quickest book you'll read this year (and also happens to be a New York Times bestseller).  Austin is an artist and writer based in Austin, TX.  He's known for his "Newspaper Blackout" collection and several books on creativity and branding (you should read them all).  You can watch his TED Talk on the book here.

Steal Like an Artist is a creative manifesto. It challenges the notion of "original ideas", and suggests many of the great works of art, literature, etc. were actually built on a diverse web of muses that inspired the work. It challenges assumptions that creativity is an individual endeavor, and makes a case that surrounding yourself with a diverse and eclectic mix to broaden your perspective and inspiration. Austin demystifies the notion of creativity being some magic genius that's only in the DNA of a chosen few and provides tangible examples of how to develop a creative process. "You don't need to be a genius, you just need to be yourself."

I think this is particularly relevant in recruiting, particularly for those who work in creative areas like employer brand. It will inspire you to seek perspectives and information outside of your niche. It teaches you the difference between "good theft" (honor, credit, steal from many) and "bad theft" (degrade, plagiarize, steal from one). Most importantly it will challenge and inspire your thinking around injecting more creativity into your work.

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Lars Schmidt
Lars has always been interested in future work trends and how he can leverage them to create competitive advantages in talent. That curiosity fueled a career that’s allowed him to work on complex talent challenges and searches for some of the biggest brands in their respective fields like NPR, Ticketmaster, SpaceX, Duo Security, and Hootsuite. It’s given him the opportunity to share his views and experience in keynotes from Johannesburg to Stockholm, cover the intersection of culture/talent/brand for Fast Company and Forbes, and co-author a book on Employer Brand. In 2013, he launched Amplify so that he could leverage his network, interests, and experience to help companies build progressive people teams and talent strategies. Shortly after this, in 2015, he co-founded HR Open Source (, a not-for-profit global initiative to accelerate learning and innovation in HR and recruiting.

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CXR Recommends: Steal Like An Artist – Lars Schmidt

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