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What Makes Technology Great?

2 weeks ago

In 1989, Nintendo introduced U-Force, an accessory with sensors that let players use their hands to control movements (instead of a joystick). It promised to be “the most amazing accessory in video game history – and the challenge of the future.” So, naturally, U-Force become something I absolutely could not live without. But the problem […]

Recruiting Budgets

CareerXroads Sourcing Investments Report

3 weeks ago

[image:] For as long as many in the industry can remember, they’ve been trying to successfully track “source of hire” data in an effort to discover where their top hires come from and to project where budgets should be spent.  In this recent CareerXroads recruiting budget benchmark report we asked our members to share […]

CareerXroads 100th Colloquium

On The Horizon: Our 100th Colloquium Meeting (Leadership)

4 weeks ago

For over twenty years CareerXroads has created a fun community for talent acquisition and recruiting leaders from around the world to connect, collaborate, and even conspire, on recruiting-related topics that keep them up at night.  And whether conversations with these leaders and influencers were taking place at live colloquium events, various conferences, over the phone, […]

CXR Referral Survey

CXR Pulse Survey: Determining & Tracking Employee Referrals

4 weeks ago

While it likely doesn’t surprise anyone that nearly 90% of our current CareerXroads members that responded to this “Pulse” survey report to track employee referrals as a source of hire, it could come as news that a large portion of enterprise-sized organizations still leave it up to the candidate to identify themselves as a referral. […]