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CareerXroads HR Delegation from Japan – Published Webinar

18 hours ago

It was our pleasure to host the recent webinar and podcast for the Nanda Journey’s HR Delegation panelists regarding our November 2017 trip to Japan.  This webinar is now available to both CareerXroads members and non-members alike and can be viewed within this headline posting (below) or, for members, within our members-only webinar library.  Additionally, […]


On Creating (not Predicting) the Future

2 weeks ago

The future can be found all around us…just, as they say, not very well distributed. “Wait one!”, you say (or 10) and, “it will be here!” The trick, always, is to point to an anecdote, story, data point, or just a glimmer of an unintended consequence as the beginning of an unstoppable trend. Guess right […]


CareerXroads Public Recruiting Webinar: Japan Delegation

2 weeks ago

CareerXroads members always have access to current and past CXR webinars.  And on occasion, we host webinars with an open invitation to anyone within the recruiting industry – which is exactly what we’re doing for our upcoming “Learnings from our HR Delegation to Japan” webinar on Friday, January 12th from 12pm to 1pm CST. After […]

Branding & Marketing

CXR Recommends: Steal Like An Artist – Lars Schmidt

4 weeks ago

Steal Like An Artist, written by Austin Kleon, is the quickest book you’ll read this year (and also happens to be a New York Times bestseller).  Austin is an artist and writer based in Austin, TX.  He’s known for his “Newspaper Blackout” collection and several books on creativity and branding (you should read them all).  You […]