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Certifying Talent Acquisition Professionals: An Independent Path

10 hours ago

There are at least 4 possible paths for ‘certifying’ a Talent Acquisition professional. Two of them are obvious: Testing the knowledge needed to perform (and measuring whether those with the knowledge perform better than those without). Testing how the ‘practice’ is performed i.e. competency, observed behavior (and measuring the result): Wikipedia as well as many […]


CareerXroads 2018 Roadmap

3 days ago

What a year 2017 was for CareerXroads and its members!  With more meetings than before, more member companies than ever, higher volumes of content, our 100th colloquium meeting, an immersive trip to learn about recruiting practices in Japan, and innovative new meeting strategies, we couldn’t have asked for more.  Except, that’s exactly what we’re doing […]


CXR Chat with Chris Hoyt & China Gorman: Professional Development & Cultural Immersion in Japan

5 days ago

When it comes to learning another culture, whether it be work or personal, I believe it’s beneficial to go, “all in.”  That’s why CareerXroads recently partnered with China Gorman and Nanda Journeys for an adventure in professional development and cultural immersion in Japan.  With China Gorman and Gerry Crispin putting together an intimate roster of […]

Candidate Experience

Three trends impacting Talent Acquisition

6 days ago

Talent Acquisition is able to seize opportunities like never before to shape and guide recruiting efforts. That’s clout that will continue to grow in coming years. What other talent acquisition trends will carry sway? Gerry Crispin recently sat down with Charles Coy from Cornerstone ReWork to discuss a few key trends that are impacting talent […]