• Meetings with your peers
    Colloquium members share and network at a series of meetings held throughout the country. Each meeting focuses on specific topics and members share real-world experience, review current research and leave with actionable ideas.
  • Access to World-class Students & Experts
    Members have access to a literal treasure trove of research, experience and advice from Gerry Crispin and Chris Hoyt whose constant study of the recruiting landscape is a labor of love- never a job. We enjoy getting challenged about something we don’t know. We’ll track it down. Colloquium members can get Chris & Gerry’s advice via email, phone call, at Colloquium sessions or even the occasional after-hours session at a variety of popular HR conferences. And, as networked as they are, what they don’t know they will learn from experts they do know and, even help you connect to them.
  • Create New, Helpful Network Connections
    CareerXroads Colloquium members are actively involved in collecting, analyzing and sharing best practices in staffing, recruiting and especially results that encourage learning. We help participants connect to other members with similar interests and challenges. When you need a peer’s advice your Colloquium members are always there to help.
  • Recruiting Technology Webinars
    Quarterly reviews of technology vendors. Chris & Gerry invite vendors to be interviewed – they ask the tough questions and members who use the technology present their experiences.
  • Hot Topics, Benchmarking and Practices Webinars
    CXR led webinars to facilitating a group discussion on issues that are current business practices surfaced by members, often with survey results. Members share how they’re dealing with today’s issues and learn more from peers.
  • Customized Surveys
    We offer customized surveys for all members – whether you need stats for a benchmarking report or are gathering info to support a purchase decision. These survey results and more are available in our Members Only Library – Survey results, Colloquium presentations, current news of interest and more are all posted for Colloquium members only. It’s a research library at your fingertips.
  • Online Database of Recruiting Technologies
    All members will be completing a survey regarding their use and opinion of recruiting technologies. Members will have access to the confidential survey results for benchmarking and can contact members via Mark for in-depth follow up.
  • Technology Recommendations
    Gain current industry perspective, recruiting technology expertise and the honest feedback of fellow Colloquium members before you decide which technology to purchase.
  • Address Your Agenda
    Each CXR interaction and every CXR event is unique.  The agenda is based on the critical topics and issues you would like to discuss – the strategies, practices and results you want to learn about.
  • Expand Beyond Competitive Practices
    Members share what works and what doesn’t – the good, the bad and the ugly. There is a cone of trust understood in all the conversations. Sharing openly is the crucible to developing trust. We know that what works in one company may not in another. Context is king and our ability to create an environment for you to dive as deep as you want offers insights into what will make you version competitive.
  • CareerXroads Can Enhance Your Internal Plans
    In addition to recommending training consultants, services and solutions that Colloquium members have successfully deployed, CareerXroads can facilitate panel discussions, help design all-hands meeting days, develop a Colloquium style experience for your staff, or speak on a relevant industry topic.
  • Exclusive posting of recruiting jobs on CareerXroads.com
    A page that attracts thousands of targeted visitors each month.