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As a member of The Talent Board, Gerry Crispin helps facilitate the evolution of the candidate experience through their annual Candidate Experience Awards. Learn more from the CandE Report.

Each year Mark and Gerry apply for a job with the companies featured on Fortune Magazine's Best Companies to Work For list. The twist? They apply as a mystery job seeker to find out exactly what today's job candidates experience online. We invite you to read the reports highlighting their learnings.

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For Job Seekers, the Black Hole Persists June 2015: Wall Street Journal

Expanding Employee Referrals into the Social Media World April 2015: HR Magazine

Companies are taking longer to hire September 2014: Wall Street Journal

eHarmony wants to match you with the perfect boss August 2014: The Washington Post

Zappos Zaps Its Job Postings May 2014: Wall Street Journal

Consider the Candidate Experience April 2014: HR Insights

How to Recover After Being Fired November 2013: US News & World Report

From the HR Technology Conference: HR Leaders Speak Out On Global Recruiting Challenges October 2013

ERE Chicago Panel Presentation Review September 2013:

The Way People Find Jobs is Changing August 2013: Philadelphia Enquirer

Mystery Job Shopper Survey: Not much improvement from America's Best Companies August 2013:

Fake resume for Noah Z. Ark draws interview offers August 2013: Kansas City Star

How employers are finding fresh talent August 2013: Washington Post

Hiring Companies Grow More Open to Outsiders March 2013: Wall Street Journal At Work Blog

Source of Hire REport: Referrals, Career Sites, Job Boards Dominate March 2013:

Communicating with Job Candidates February 2013: SHRM

Jobs Outlook 2013 December 2012: Money Magazine

Candidate Experience Awards: The Oscar for Fastest Feedback November 2012: Wall Street Journal

A report on Mystery Job Seeker, Charlie Brown: Project backs up complaints from job seekers on Web setup November 2012: Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Screen Savior October 2012: Workforce

Job referrals can shift the odds in your favor September 2012: Chicago Tribune

Even Best Companies Fall Short of Making Job Seekers Welcome August 2012: NBC

The High Cost of Treating Job-Seekers Like Cattle May 2012: Wall Street Journal Careers Blog

Why The Job Search Is Like Throwing Paper Airplanes Into The Galaxy February 2012: Knowledge @ Wharton

Your Resume vs Oblivion January 2012: Wall Street Journal

How to Find A Job May 2011: CNN/Money

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