• "I found this to be the most useful recruiting seminar I have been on, incredibly engaging."

    — Mark Staley, Rolls Royce

    Bringing together corporate staffing professionals who really “get it” when it comes to high volume recruiting, staffing technology and cutting-edge recruiting.

  • "Why bring Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler to your organization?"

    Because Gerry and Mark know the lay of the land. They have spent quality time in the recruiting departments of America’s most competitive corporations consulting, strategizing, and improving processes.

  • "Follow the job seeker, and you’ll never lose sight of what is next."

    — Gerry Crispin & Mark Mehler

    Each month Gerry & Mark share their observations and expertise in a free newsletter. Their goal? To share commentary, observations, perspectives and data that they come across during their staffing adventures.

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2015 Mystery Job Seeker Review Now Available Did Frank apply for a job at your company?

College Recruiting Colloquium

July 21-22 Minneapolis

Recruiting Analytics & Big Data

August 18-19 Seattle


These companies are part of a special networking group focused on dynamic discussions and sharing.

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