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CareerXroads® Colloquium Meeting Schedule

The Colloquium gathers eight times each year in different member-hosted locations. Key discussion topics for each meeting are voted on by members. Remember, each meeting is capped at 50 participants - register now to reserve your seat.

This was one of the most impactful events I have ever attended. The knowledge share, best practices, and open dialogue was incredible. I look forward to attending more of your Colloquiums. ~Miriam Mahfouz, ADP

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2016 Colloquium Topics

Strategies and Practices. Diversity. Technology. Resources. Training. Innovation.

We are pleased to announce our meeting themes for 2016. Members will vote on specific discussion points within each theme in the weeks leading up to the event ensuring we are working on the most current issues and needs.

  • March: Sourcing
    It's what's between, before and beyond marketing - it's finding those who need to be found and keeping them ready for what's next.
    Max: 40 companies, 50 people
  • May: Leadership
    Let's dig deeper into Talent Acquisition's joy and pain at the Leadership level: sources of pride, internal and external challenges etc. Start the networking at dinner the night before. Then spend a full day sharing with those charged with building and executing hiring strategy.
    One day meeting | Max: 40 companies
  • May: Executive Search
    A chance to focus on a targeted recruiting role - collaborate and share with peers charged with filling the leadership roles for some of the most notable employers in the world.
    One day meeting | Max: 40 companies, 50 people
  • June: Analytics
    It's about the meaning of data and its evolution to insights that enable talent acquisition to make better decisions... at every level.
    Max: 40 companies, 50 people
  • July: College Recruiting
    Insightful conversation around the most critical of pipelines and future leadership talent - Intern and MBA / college hiring.
    Max: 40 companies, 50 people
  • August: Branding
    It's about the power of brand alignment and how we deliver it to employees and recruits. Engagement that sends ripples through every other recruiting strategy.
    Max: 40 companies, 50 people
  • September: Operations
    The engine that powers Systems, Technologies, Vendors, Practices and People - in-depth talks around what's working and what's evolving within growing Operations teams.
    Max: 40 companies, 50 people
  • October: International Recruiting
    Let's hone in on the unique aspects of recruiting across borders - with a special emphasis on college/university recruiting in represented countries.
    Max: 40 companies, 50 people

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CareerXroads® Colloquium Webinar Schedule

Colloquium members participate in webinars on current topics approximately every month. When a webinar is scheduled it will be listed below.

CareerXroads® Colloquium Current Research

Colloquium members participate in various surveys and research projects throughout the year. Active surveys are posted for input from all HR professionals. The results are provided to survey respondents and placed in the Colloquium Members-Only Library. Contact Mark to learn more about current research projects or having your own survey placed in front of the Colloquium.

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