About CareerXroads® Colloquium

The CareerXroads Colloquium® is different from other industry networking groups. We are a group of corporate recruiting professionals - ranging from Recruiter to VP - who really "get it" when it comes to high volume, cutting-edge recruiting tactics and strategies - including the effective use of technology to achieve our staffing goals. Each member of this group has a passion for critical analysis and sharing what works and what doesn’t. And we've got a pretty solid group of companies represented too - scroll down this page for a list of members.

What makes the CareerXroads Colloquium different?

  • Eight Annual Meetings Colloquium members have the option to interact with monthly webinars and in person eight times each year at locations across the country, including one meeting each year in London, England or Paris, France focused on International Recruiting.
  • Focused Participants Each meeting is capped at 50 participants (no more than two from each company) to inspire a dynamic series of roundtables where we learn from real experience; review current research on topics you want to know about; and experience hands-on learning, sharing and improving.
  • Closed Sessions All meetings are closed to vendors and media - what's said in the room, stays in the room. You’ll leave the meeting with practical ideas to implement in your office immediately.
  • Year-Round Benefits The CareerXroads Colloquium is truly a year-round event - webinars, meetings, surveys - you'll see benefits each and every month.
  • Real Connections, Real Sharing When Colloquium members need a sounding board or have questions Mark & Gerry are easily and directly accessible. They also regularly put members in touch with each other to solve problems. All Colloquium members agree to openly share and help each other.
  • Learn more about the benefits of our group.


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The CareerXroads Colloquium has become one of the most important events for me to attend every year. Thanks for keeping the quality of discussion and attendees high. It is really critical to the learning. ~Maureen Neglia, Manulife Financial